At The Hills Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in getting the filth out of your carpet but that is not all we are about. We provide professional fabric cleaning for your sofa, upholstery cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning amongst many other quality cleaning services. We believe the fabric on your sofa should never lose its shine and we’ll go any length to ensure we achieve this. If your sofa is made of leather, you need not fret because our leather lounge cleaning professionals have got you covered. We use eco-friendly chemicals in our cleaning to ensure there is no danger to your health or the environment.

Our preferred method of carpet cleaning is carpet steam cleaning. This is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers and it offers the advantage of thoroughly cleaning your carpet, while significantly reducing drying time. The chemicals used are mild as opposed to dry cleaning which employs tough chemicals. Beyond carpets, we also clean other types of floor coverings as well as furniture. Rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and mattress cleaning are all under our service scope and we would be happy to give your house the comprehensive treatment.

Our services also extend to tile, grout and stone cleaning. We are perfectly equipped to take care of your stone walls and tiled floors, outdoors or indoors. We leave your tile and stone walls sparkling and good as new. Driveway and pavement cleaning is also inclusive of our outdoor cleaning services.

Our cleaning professionals have specialised techniques for stain and odour removal. Although we must admit that some stains tend to be permanent and there isn’t much anyone can do about them, we do have a proud track record in the removal of stubborn stains. We also specialise in Pet stain and odour cleaning, allowing you to keep your pets without worry about permanent damage to your carpet if pet accidents occur.

Flood damage restoration is also among our diverse list of services. In the event of water damage from any source, our team is ready to sweep in immediately to limit the damage and prevent future hazards. We adopt a systematic approach to ensure your house is restored back to its normal state, just as though the water damage never occurred. Water damage carpet cleaning, water extraction and dehumidification are all part of our flood restoration service.

After cleaning, we could go a step further by fortifying your coverings with our carpet and fabric protection services, ensuring your carpet does not get dirty easily. You’ll be getting a longer lasting carpet and cleaning schedules do not have to be so close.

Our expert technicians are adept at working in residential and commercial centres within Sydney. We offer residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning. You could invite us into your home or office space for quality cleaning services. Car/boat and Plane cleaning services are also available. We give the fabric, upholstery, and floor of your cars, boats or plane the special treatment they deserve.

You can be sure of top-quality cleaning services, employing eco-friendly chemicals with very short drying times. We also work after hours as well as weekends, so that our services would not disturb your business. Contact us today for the best carpet cleaning in the hills district.