The average sleeping time for a normal adult is about 7 hours per day. Invariably, you’re spending close to a third of your life on your mattress, more than you’ll ever spend in any other location. Why then would you not pay attention to its cleanliness? Your mattress is constantly exposed to sweat and dirt from your body and the environment, and the linen covering is never enough to protect it. Do you still think your mattress never gets dirty? Try removing the covering linen and dusting it a bit. You’ll be surprised at the amount of dirt and dust that’ll be exuded. Asides the visible dirt, your mattress is also ingrained with protein stains from sweat, blood or urine that have accumulated over time. All these have negative impacts on your health, and that is why we recommend you invite the best mattress cleaning the hills has to offer to clean your mattress at least once every year when you clean your carpets.Mattress Cleaning The Hills

Why Can’t I Do It Myself?

You sure would have seen a lot of “how to do” on the internet and you may already be thinking about cleaning the mattress yourself. Asides from the stress you’re about taking yourself through, you may just end up ruining your mattress. Using common detergents would actually make your mattress get dirty easily as the layer of soap would attract all kinds of dirt. Selecting the right chemicals and methods to use for mattress cleaning would depend on the nature of the mattress, and is best done by professionals. There is no one fits all approach and often, you may need about four or five different chemicals for effective mattress cleaning. So why not give us a call, and let’s do it for you?

What if I leave my mattress unclean?

Considering the amount of time you spend on your mattress, this definitely is a bad idea. Settled dirt leads to a build-up of huge amounts of grime and other contaminants. A small amount of moisture could serve as a haven for mildew and bacteria, leading to infections. Allergens from the environment also settle on your mattress and you could be sending an invitation to breathing or skin problems by not cleaning your mattress.

Let’s do it for you

We offer professional mattress cleaning the hills services that is sure to keep your mattress fresh-smelling and dirt-free. Our services are quite affordable and client satisfaction is our utmost priority. We understand how much you love your mattress, so our specialised cleaning and drying techniques only take all but 15 minutes, and you can get back on your mattress immediately. Our chemicals are specially selected, and you can be sure they are perfectly safe for your health and the environment. We also apply special deodorants to mask any foul odour that may arise from the chemicals used and give your mattress the sweetest of fragrances.

Commercial Mattress Cleaning The Hills District

We also offer large-scale mattress cleaning for commercial centres such as hotels, motels, rest homes, boarding houses, dormitories, prisons and virtually everywhere else. We have enough workers to take on the job and effectively complete the task in record time. You can be sure of discounted rates from the most reliable commercial mattress cleaning the hills district has to offer.