How often should I schedule a carpet cleaning?

Carpet manufacturers usually recommend every 6 to 12 months. Specific cleaning periods would ultimately depend on use. For example, it is recommended to schedule a cleaning immediately after hosting a party or after a very busy period such as the holidays.

How long does it take the carpets to dry?

With our advanced equipment and procedures, drying time is greatly reduced to about 3-9 hours. Other factors such as the nature of the carpet, humidity, and ventilation would also have an influence on drying time.

How long does the cleaning take?

This would depend on the type and size of carpet. It is estimated that our crew would spend about 20 – 40 minutes on an average sized room. You can be sure we would carry out the cleaning as thoroughly as possible because we know you want it cleaned properly.

Do I have to move all my furniture outside?

The cleaning would be much faster with less furniture around. We also try as much as possible not to touch large and expensive items like china cabinets or pianos. You can trust our crew to make the right decisions and leave with your furniture neatly arranged.

Do I need to vacuum before your clean my carpet?

The less visible dirt on the carpet, the easier it is to clean. However, vacuuming before we clean is not compulsory. Our crew can always vacuum before cleaning if it is perceived necessary. Just give us a call and we’ll get it done.

Why can’t I clean my carpet myself?

If you have ever tried to do it yourself, you might as well have noticed that your carpet got dirty much faster after cleaning. This is because common detergents contain a lot of foam which ends up trapping much more dirt after cleaning. Additionally, your cleaning technique can only clean from the top to the bottom, allowing even more dirt to be trapped in the carpet matrix. Our chemicals and techniques are specially designed to effectively clean your carpet.

Moreover, many manufacturers recommend cleaning by a professional and you can void carpet warranties by cleaning it yourself. Our question remains why would you want to go through the stress when we can do it for you at an affordable rate?

What kinds of chemicals do you use?

Our chemicals are specially designed to make carpets sparkling clean. You can be sure they are tender on your carpet, eco-friendly and also not harmful to your family or pets. We also use special deodorants to give your home an unbeatable fragrance after we’re done.

Can you remove all spots and stains?

We try our best to get rid of all spots and stains on your carpet and we do have a very impressive success rate. Unfortunately, some stains tend to be permanent. We would be as honest and objective as possible when we come in to inspect. You should also be aware that the more recent a stain is, the easier it is to remove. Do not hesitate to give us a call whenever you notice any stain on your carpet.

Do you clean carpets only?

Asides carpet cleaning, we also specialise in cleaning rugs, upholstery, mattress, tile and grout, and other surfaces. You can check our service page for more detailed information about our range of services.

Do you specialise in rug cleaning too?

Yes. We do not only clean carpets but we also clean rugs and other floor coverings. We also specialise in tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and stone and grout cleaning. You can look up our service description page for more information about our range of services.

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