Although pet accidents account for the foul odour emanating from carpets in many homes, they are not the only source and every odour should be treated specially. Clumsy spills could occur in the home, even from trusted hands. Although often overlooked, mildew arising from damp floors or underlay also contributes to a fair number of accidents. Independent of the cause, prompt action is required in the event of any spill or carpet odour. If left to linger, the spill may be difficult to trace and as odours spread quite fast, your entire home could be smitten with unpleasant odour in no time. There is really is no better move to make than hiring the most effective odour treatment hill area has. We act promptly and efficiently get rid odours and stains in your carpet.Pet Odour Treatment The Hills

Why Can’t I Do it Myself?

You probably would have experienced this while trying to do it yourself. Even after scrubbing hard, rinsing and probably deodorising, the stain refuses to go. Well, we can’t fault you for effort but unfortunately, you’re not doing it right. Doing it yourself could sometimes have the opposite effect and even make the odour worse. You’ll be scrubbing from top to bottom and you could end up pushing the offending liquid deeper into your carpet’s matrix. Furthermore, your drying techniques may not be quite right and you may still leave your carpet damp and still containing the offending substance. This would further contribute to the already worrisome odour. In some cases, you would find it difficult to pin down the source of the odour and you could just run out of ideas. That is why we are here to give you the best carpet odour treatment  can offer.

Eco-friendly Chemicals

We pride in the chemicals we use in cleaning deodorising. You can be sure they have zero negative impact on your health and the environment. We apply these solutions prior to using the recommended method of steam cleaning and the results have never been less than fantastic.

Why you need us

We are the most reliable carpet odour treatment in the hills area has and we’ll be glad to use our knowledge and skills to your satisfaction. We first examine the carpet and determine the best method to use in treatment and odour removal. Our experienced professionals have specialised equipment that would help detect the exact spot the odour is emanating from. After detecting the source (if any), we get down to cleaning and deodorising. Our drying times is shorter than the competition and we have an enviable track record of delivering perfect jobs

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